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Diana Ethelbert
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17th-Dec-2011 01:16 am - Twentieth File.
ø behaving according to type.
[ Action: 913 Bilko Boulevard. ]

[ Diana didn't understand why she disappeared like she did in her dream. What did the green discharge actually mean and why couldn't she piece two and two together? Furthermore, why did she feel that the dream was oddly prophetic in some form?

Still, when she hears her name called on the television, her eyes widen and she pinches herself rather hard to see if she's still dreaming.

Okay, no. She isn't. However, she knows she's still here. She's standing right here, after all! ]

...That's not right. I'm standing right here.

[ Phone ]

That message on the telly was a lie. We're still here, or else I wouldn't be speaking to you.

[ She pauses, as if the words she's going to say next are foreign in her mouth. ]

Please... You have to believe me.

[ Action: Around Mayfield. ]

[ And like that, even though it's bitterly cold outside, she's taking to the streets to try to get to the bottom of this. Sure, she accepted the dream and all, but she still woke up from it fine and well. So, if you know Diana, she's probably coming to your house and seeing if you have the same reaction to this mess like she does.

A small part of her is hoping that there's a familiar face out there that will believe her. Because, otherwise, she doesn't know what to do other than to try to convince them. And she hates not knowing what to do. ]
9th-Dec-2011 11:36 pm - Nineteenth File.
ø doesn't believe you.
[ Action: Mayfield High. Chemistry Room. ]

[GOOD MORNING/AFTERNOON/WHATEVER MAYFIELD HIGH! Your chemistry teacher, Roy Mustang, is not here today. Before you get any ideas, no this does not mean class is cancelled. Far from it. You may notice (if you pay attention I mean he can be easy to miss....) someone different is at the desk. Some blond kid with an obnoxiously bright red coat is sitting there leaned back in the chair with his feet propped up on the desk.

Epitome of class. Right. Here.

Up on the blackboard in the upper left corner (seriously, right at the top) in Roy Mustang’s handwriting is a name: “Mr. Lyttle”. Or at least that’s what it looks like. It’s hard to see -- clearly someone attacked it with an eraser, but such is the nature of a clean blackboard. It doesn’t like to erase everything completely at first.

Don’t think you’re getting off easy, either. This kid (who’s name is not Mr. Lyttle thank you, it’s EDWARD ELRIC and hopefully most of you know this and won’t be dicks like Mustang was.) is something of a genius. Chemistry is kind of his thing.

Ok, so apparently you guys are working on...

[staring at this piece of paper in his hands, presumably it has notes on each class]

… what the hell? It’s December and you’re all still learning this crap? [he shoves the paper to the side] All right, first person who asks me what a proton is is getting punched in the face. Got it?

[ And, in the corner herself is Diana Ethelbert, who’s off to the side and sipping her tea like a good girl does. Evidently, she was going to help teach the class herself since, well - you know - chemistry is also one of the things she’s interested in. While she doesn’t necessarily agree with Ed’s handling of the class, she’s gotten used to it. Because those alchemy lessons work wonders.

So, she lifts her head and places her tea cup back on the saucer to glance at Ed, a slight grin on her face. ]

Mr. Elric, what’s a proton?

[ Yes, she’s being purposefully annoying because THAT IS HER THING. THIS IS HOW SHE DOES THINGS. ]

[And Ed. Just. LOOKS. AT. HER. It is the look. The you are running an extra mile next time they go for a run look. It’s not quite as satisfying as a punch in the face, but it’ll work.]

I’m not answering that. You know what a proton is. Shut. Up.


The next person who isn’t Diana -- because I know you’re asking that on purpose, damn it. I’m not an idiot -- is getting punched in the face.

My, that’s a heavy accusation, Mr. Elric. You may be giving the class ideas of how to misbehave.

[ Yep, she’s still trolling. But, oh she’ll find a way to get out of the whole extra mile that you’re planning on making her do, Ed. However, she does know she’s supposed to do work while being here. So, her playfulness drops slightly and a serious glance crosses her face next. She does look up when one of the drones raises their hand and points at them. ]


I don’t know what a proton is. Do you mind explaining it?

[ Explain? Oh, yes, she can do that and more! So, she grabs a piece of chalk and goes to draw the most complicated diagram ever, complete with notes on it. And, when she’s done, she steps back to let the class write it down. ]

The proton is a subatomic particle with the symbol p or p+ and a positive electric charge of 1 elementary charge. One or more protons are present in the nucleus of each atom, along with neutrons. The number of protons in each atom is its atomic number.

In the standard model of particle physics, the proton is a hadron, composed of quarks. Prior to that model becoming a consensus in the physics community, the proton was considered a fundamental particle. A proton is composed of two up quarks and one down quark, and is about 1.6–1.7 fm in diameter.

The free proton is stable and is found naturally in a number of situations. Free protons exist in plasmas in which temperatures are too high to allow them to combine with electrons. Free protons of high energy and velocity make up 90% of cosmic rays, which propagate in vacuum for interstellar distances. Free protons are emitted directly from atomic nuclei in some rare types of radioactive decay, and also result from the decay of free neutrons, which are unstable. In all such cases, protons must lose sufficient velocity and (kinetic energy) to allow them to become associated with electrons, since this is a relatively low-energy interaction. However, in such an association, the character of the bound proton is not changed, and it remains a proton.

The attraction of low-energy protons to electrons, either free electrons or electrons as present in normal matter, causes such protons to soon form chemical bonds with atoms. This happens at sufficiently "cold" temperatures (comparable to temperatures at the surface of the Sun). In interaction with normal (non plasma) matter, low-velocity free protons are attracted to electrons in any atom or molecule with which they come in contact, causing them to combine. In vacuum, a sufficiently slow proton may pick up a free electron, becoming a neutral hydrogen atom, which then will then react chemically with other atoms if they are available and sufficiently cold.

[ She finishes with the class staring at her, half writing down the notes and the other half looking as if she just spoke gobblygook. ]

Would you like to take it from here, Mr. Elric?

[Ed’s eyes glaze over a bit as she speaks. He swings his feet off the desk and leans forward, elbow resting on the desk and propping his head up with his hand. No, really, keep going Diana. He is all the interest.

Oh. Wait. No. No, he really isn’t.

He glaces at her out of the corner of his eye, exasperated and mildly annoyed before SIGHING SO DRAMATICALLY and turning back to the rest of the class

Right, so that pretty much covers it. Any questions?


Action: Teacher's LoungeCollapse )

Action: En Route to Home.Collapse )

( OOC: For threads at the school, expect replies to come from both Ed and Diana. If you want to talk to one of them separately, then just put it in the subject line! c: )
29th-Nov-2011 04:37 am - Eighteenth File.
ø downcast thoughts.
[ Action: 913 Bilko Boulevard. Morning. ]

[ Having things be normal again after her death? That was mocking the fact that death was supposed to be a serious matter. It wasn't something to just get over that quickly, after all. But, the mental scars still remain. Physical ones? Not so much since it looks like she's just as new. When she does get out of her bed, she stops to look at herself in the mirror before whamming her fist against the wall. How would she ever make it up to Abel? Ed? Cain? America? Not knowing just how to prevent things and also make the best of it terrified her. But, it helped make her realize that she wasn't perfect and that she was just a kid trying to fill in some pretty big shoes.

Tch. Some humbling experience that was. She would have preferred learning it from something other than a nuclear fallout and dying.

...Well, she wasn't going to get anything done just by standing around, right? So, with a sigh, she trudges down the stairs to go outside. After events like that, there's usually something to be regained, right? So, to her surprise, she notices an envelope with her name - her Mayfield name, that is - on it. ]

I wonder what this is.

[ She opens the envelope and the moment she does that, well -- her mind is so loud with everyone's thoughts racing in her mind with her own added on top of that. The envelope drops to the ground and her hands go to clench at her head, wincing in pain from the sheer amount of just thoughts from everyone. ]

...Great, Mayfield. Just what I wanted - a migraine on top of this load of rubbish. Love you too.

[ Action: Mayfield High. ]

[ As if hearing everyone's thoughts at home was bad, at school it's worse. If Diana is in your class, she can be seen clutching her head every so often as if she has a really bad headache while she's doing her work or whispering things like, "Please stop, please... Just quiet down for now, all right?" under her breath. Of course, if you're also a telepath, you're privy to her thoughts that are all jumbled up from the fact that she can hear thoughts again.

In short, she's grumpy as hell and not willing to talk to a lot of people after what happened very recently. But, hey, you're free to try to see what's up with her. ]

[ Action: Around Mayfield ]

[ Honestly, Diana just wants to go home after school and work on stuff in her lab now that she's sure that it's back. On top of that, the headaches haven't stopped plaguing her just yet. However, since she has to go to work later on - damn the stupid movie concession job - that doesn't seem like a possibility for a while until the day's over. However, she does have something in mind to repay her friends back when they stayed and protected her, so she's using the money she has to buy supplies and baked goods.

She can also be found in the mechanic's garage scrounging up some spare metal that she can fashion into a badge of some sorts, too. As long as she keeps herself focused on her tasks, then maybe she'll be able to deal with the gravity of her first death as well as the nuclear fallout a lot easier.

Of course, that was easier said than done in her case. She didn't know how to cope with it, but her efforts to try to deal with it on her own seem to be logical to her at the moment. ]

( OOC: So, hello! If you haven't filled out this yet, please do! I'll make a general announcement in the main comm very soon to ask people to do it, too. )
28th-Nov-2011 02:56 am - Seventeenth File.
ø rise up to the challenge.
[ Action: Shelter at 848 Goldberg Street. Day 2. ]

[ Human beings really were flawed creatures. However, even though Diana was feeling weak and looked to be shit warmed over, she is still trying to provide for those who needed it while having coughing fits in between. Obviously things would be all right, right? She refuses to give up and give in that easily, since that would mean Mayfield would win.

God... She really hopes that she was right because she doesn't want to die. Not here, not now. She still has so much more to do, after all.

So, after having a slight coughing fit, she approaches whomever is in the shelter and asks: ]

Do... Do you need anything? Food? Water...? Supplies?

[ Action: Shelter at 848 Goldberg Street. Day 3. ]

cut for character death.Collapse )
26th-Nov-2011 02:11 am - Sixteenth File.
ø haven't you've done enough?
[ Action: Remains of 913 Bilko Boulevard. ]

[ In a way, Diana was glad that she decided to pass out in her lab the night before. Because when she woke up, she thought she was now on the ruined remains of Earth after humanity went to Epyaxa. But, that couldn't be right... right? She was in Mayfield. Not on her ruined Earth.

But, she's been quiet for a while. For all of her careful, methodical planning - she didn't take into account of a nuclear fallout to happen in Mayfield of all places. And, the fact that she didn't plan a way out of this has rendered her speechless.

Her lab was gone. Her robot assistants were gone. That small comfort of home was gone and it only strengthened her speechlessness.

So, she's standing in the basement and just staring at where things used to be. ]

...you... you fool, Diana. You damn bloody idiot...

[ Action: Around Mayfield ]

[ After searching through the ruins of the house, Diana has moved to walking in the ruined streets. Seeing this many dead bodies - or rather shadows unnerves her. She's not used to this much bloodshed and it only makes her withdraw into herself more than it should. She's searching for anything she can scavenge, but with how the wreckage is - she doesn't know what to do other than this.

And that terrifies her.

Again, don't expect to get much in the way of verbal replies out of her. ]
24th-Nov-2011 04:20 pm - Fifteenth File.
ø think harder.
[ Action: 913 Bilko Boulevard. Outside. ]

[ Anyone expecting to find Diana today will find her staring at the present that was left at their doorstep - a turkey. She doesn't exactly trust it, since hey for all she knows it could be yet another prank pulled by Mayfield. And she doesn't want to take that risk.

So, she's staring at the turkey as if waiting for something to happen. And, you know what - it is the most intense staring contest imaginable. ]

I don't trust you.

[ Yes, she's fully expecting something to happen because dammit, Mayfield isn't this nice. ]

[ Phone | Filtered from Drones. ]

So, who here thinks that Mayfield's up to something again? Surely they just wouldn't offer us turkeys without at least something up their sleeve.

Anyone want to play the accusation game while this is happening?
21st-Nov-2011 08:00 pm - Fourteenth File.
ø working.
[ Action: Mayfield High. ]

[ Well, after things have been pretty much completed in her lab, Diana has taken the initiative to make a small cubby hole in the corner of a library and is pretty much sleeping in it. Now that her projects are done, she can finally let herself sit back and relax for once. There's a book over her face to block out the light and possibly the sounds too. Other than that, she actually looks peaceful for once. Do you wish to wake her up from this? ]

[ Though, if the library isn't your thing, later on she can be found in the music room by the piano and is playing Beethoven's Fur Elise just to warm herself up. She plans on spending quite a bit of time here just to unwind and relax even further. The door is open to hear this music playing. ]

[ Action: John Doe Park ]

[ To continue in her relaxation, Diana's taken to sitting under a tree and has her eyes closed. It appears as if she's meditating to help clear her mind. The quiet sounds of nature and the sounds of animals moving around ease her even more. Sure, she knows that her guard may be down, but she's diligent to open her eyes if anyone approaches her. ]

[ Phone | Filtered to Abel Nightroad ]

Hey, Abel. Do you mind holding another lesson? This time, I want to try something a bit more difficult.

[ Phone | Filtered to Hanamura Yosuke ]

Mr. Yosuke, the stage is finished. When do you want me to deliver it?

[ Phone | Filtered to Roy Mustang ]

Mr. Mustang, I've finished your gloves. When do you want me to deliver them?
13th-Nov-2011 09:36 pm - Thirteenth File.
ø no‚ YOU'RE wrong.
[ phone | filtered to close friends/allies/acquaintances ]

I know I just made a phone call a couple of days ago, but I wanted to let you all know that I have talked with this "the Joker" fellow recently and I can trust him as far as I can throw him. So, if you happen to see him when you're with me, then please address me as Julia Hendrickson instead of Diana Ethelbert. Julia Hendrickson is one of my aliases that I use strictly for matters such as these.

Furthermore, if you have any information at all about him, I'd like to know so that I can start to plan in advance.

Thank you in advance.

[ phone | filtered from drones and the Joker. ]

Would anyone be able to give me information on the Joker? Anything would suffice, even if it's a small tidbit. Thank you.

Additionally, is there a list of people here that we ought to avoid, even if they come from our own worlds? If not, I'd like to start one up. Again, thank you in advance for this.

( OOC: If your character has gotten along great with Diana, they'll be able to hear the first part of her post. if you have any questions, PM/IM me or contact me on plurk! )
11th-Nov-2011 06:15 pm - Twelfth File.
ø it went like that?
[ Action: Mayfield General Store ]

[ Those who come by today will find Diana searching for fabric. Even though she's exhausted, she knows that her

work needs to be done. However, it seems that through her oh-so lovely option of not taking care of herself, she has a case of the sniffles that could very well develop in to a full-blown cold. ]

...hm, how much should I get?

[ Don't mind her, though. She's just going to stand here and think about this for a bit. ]

[ Action: 913 Bilko Boulevard ]

[ Thought she was going to go straight to bed after coming home from the store? As if. Diana can be found working on the outside modifications that she's been working on every so often. This is just one of the many projects she's been working on and it's almost done. All she needs to do is wire a few more things up and then the security system will be in place. ]

Ah... Achoo!

[ She blows her nose on a handkerchief and merely shakes her head. There's work to be done and she needs to finish this before moving on to her other projects that have been piling up. ]

[ Phone | Filtered from Drones ]

What are your opinions on the upcoming holidays? In addition, do you have upcoming plans or not yet?
4th-Nov-2011 06:45 pm - Eleventh File.
ø something new and shiny.
[ Action: 913 Bilko Boulevard. Crack of Dawn. ]

[ 5 AM wake up call? No problem. By now, she's gotten used to it and training a bit before she gets ready for school with a light jog or something to keep her endurance up. Although, what she wasn't expecting to see was a package labeled for her. Odd - she didn't exactly put in any mail order requests as of late or at all, so it's definitely a curious matter.

Maybe it could be her library. Or, maybe, something from home. Her locket or something greater? Well, she's not going to find anything out by just standing around, so she opens the box carefully and finds ... just a picture of her lab.

Just a picture of her lab.

She has half of a mind to crumple the photo up in annoyance, She also has half of a mind to wake up her housemates in said annoyance. But, no. She picks it up and before she knows it, the basement is quickly converted into her lab, not to her knowledge just yet, of course. ]

... That's it? That's seriously it? Oh, Mayfield...!

[ This is all whispered until curiosity gets the better of her. Well, what if it's here and she doesn't know it quite yet? First, she thinks to check in her room since that's where her lab would be connected. When she doesn't find it there, she becomes a bit disgruntled before going down those stairs again and decides for the hell of it to try the basement. The staircase has been changed into the usual escalator that leads down into her lab and, well, when she flips on the light switch, she finds that there's - indeed - her lab.

Well, if anyone wanted to see her be truly happy before, here's your chance. She lets out a small squeal and runs to touch everything. The feeling of cold metal, the texture of her tools - everything that was in her lab was here. It's not her library, but it's something from home.

Screw morning training. She is going to wake up the members of her house and they are going to like it. ]

Mokou! Nall! N! Get down in the basement, there's something I need to show you!

[ Action: Mayfield High. ]

[ Someone's feeling awfully cheerful today and has decided to wear the new suit that Rarity made her since she hasn't had a chance to officially debut it. Maybe Mayfield wasn't that bad after all if it could give her back her lab just like that. So, during class, you may see her in a better mood than she was yesterday, or hell, even willing to give you the time of day. Surely it's not Podfield 2.0 somewhere around here, right? ]

[ Action: 913 Bilko Boulevard. After School. ]

[ Seeing Diana outside surely isn't that weird, right? But, what are those heaps of metal that are around her? Why, they are her robot workers who are holding up several of her tools and other metallic parts as she's sitting happily in a hover chair. Best thing is that it doesn't run on emissions, but rather solar energy. She's just making the modifications she's been dying to make to her house and humming Pachelbel's Canon in D Major under her breath.

Do you wish to see what's got her in such a good mood? ]

[ Phone | Filtered to Yosuke and Pokey. ]

I can begin on the repairs you requested a while ago, Mr. Minch. I've received my lab recently and can work at any time you wish.

Mr. Yosuke, I can start on that stage finally. I have my lab and now I don't have to work with inferior tools. It'll still take me a while yet, but I can get the stage done relatively soon. I just thought I ought to let you know.

[ Phone: Filtered to Ed ]

Hey, Ed. I have a request for you. Are you busy right now?
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